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Joy Behar Found This More Cutthroat Than TV

“The View” host Joy Behar “had an extremely tough job” before getting to the cutthroat world of network television.

“I used to teach high school English in one of the worst, most roughest neighborhoods in New York City at the time. You know, the type of children who go to prison because they put fire to their parents,” the Brooklyn-born ABC celebrity told us in the New-York Historical Society hosted Academy for Teachers. National Teachers Week starts.

“They’d send them to me to teach them the difference between who and whom, that was the occupation,” Behar remembered. “I would attempt to make it applicable. I’d say, ‘Whom do you want to murder? Not who. ”’

Behar, 74, says that she decided to try her hand at teaching in Lindenhurst, L.I., but that was not a fantastic fit either.

“I had been in one of these suburban schools where one of the most important goals in life is to snitch on each other,” she said. “I grew up in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, OK? You do not snitch. No snitching. And they were like, ‘Miss Behar, he explained f.’ All day long with this. One day I said, ‘OK said f?’ And I have fired. They snitched on me, the little bastards.”

Behar is more than delighted to snitch on contentious Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, who has pledged to “advance God’s kingdom” within her schedule.

“She wants to teach intelligent design, creationism in the schools,” Behar moaned. “You want to feel that, that is fine, but not at the colleges, OK? I can’t teach that Noah had those animals they met on something or Tinder. No, I can not teach that.”

The reason for keeping theology of Behar is altruistic.

“They want everyone to be a Christian,” she moans. “If this happens, who is gonna do my taxes, huh?”

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