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Another World Wonder Explored?

They were regarded the eighth natural wonder of the world as well as the greatest tourist attraction in the Southern Hemisphere in the mid-1800s €”and then they were gone: The Pink and White Terraces of Lake Rotomahana in New Zealand’s North Island spell-bound guests until June 1886 when Mount Tarawera erupted, wiping the silica sinter (a type of quartz) formations off the map.

Now scientists say they’ve located the question that is fabled, declaring the formations might have survived the catastrophe but are buried under ash and mud. Rex Bunn and Dr. Sascha Nolden say they have corrected previous attempts to determine the area of the terraces thanks to the 19th century field diaries of a German-Austrian geologist. Bunn tells the Guardian the authorities never surveyed the terraces, meaning their specific latitude and longitude were not established. But somebody did report their compass bearings: Ferdinand von Hochstetter, whose diary information the scientists employed to reverse-engineer the terrace areas.

The researchers think they are buried no more than 50-feet underneath the area skirting the shoreline and not under the the lake, as formerly thought, or as authorities experts lately have claimed completely ruined, NewsNow reviews. The pair are raising funds to perform a complete archaeological research and demonstrate their claim and say when they are correct, it is possible feasible the terraces may be cut back back alive.

In 2016, the BBC described just why these were were so beautiful: Not only were they the greatest silica sinter formations on the world, they sat at opposite ends of the lake, one white, one somewhat pink, their positioning creating them “more than in relation to the sum of the parts.”

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